Vintage Sports
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- c. 1890 J.L. Prescott & Co. Enameline College Dolls - Cornell, Yale, Vassar
- "Admit One Armory, Nov. 29, 1906" Ticket
- 1933 Cornell - Syracuse Football Full Ticket
- 1920 Cornell - Columbia Football Program
"Admit One Armory, Nov. 29, 1906" ticket
Ticket pulled from Cornell scrapbook belonging to Serrill Slade Rathbun, '09.  Issued to listen to the wire reports of the 1906 Cornell/Penn football game.
Just as students meet on campus today to watch out-of-town athletic events, before the Internet and television fans of the football team would gather in
great numbers to follow the games. Complex manual and later electronic scoreboards showed all the plays as information came in via the telegraph,
telephone or radio. Games in Ithaca were broadcast to other schools by students in the R.O.T.C. Signal Corps as training exercises.

No game was bigger each year than the annual Penn rivalry game.
Limited tickets were available for students and faculty to flock to the Armory for the wire reports of the game.
"Old" Armory, c.1906
Gymnasium on the Cornell campus.  It no longer exists.
Watching Returns from the Football Game
What it looked like to listen/watch the returns from the away football games. These images are later, c. 1935, but you can get an idea.
These were taken from the "New" Armory, constructed in 1915 (later called Barton Hall).
1933 Cornell - Syracuse Football Ticket
c.1890 Enameline Advertising College Paper Dolls - 9 Colleges in the Set
1920 Cornell - Columbia Football Program