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June 10, 1945, program for US Army Services Baseball game held at Chelsea Football Grounds, Stamford Bridge, London.
The two teams – the Whites and the Grays – were made up of minor league and major league players stationed in England.
Mostly minor league players, but I have been able to note
Paul Campbell, Ted Kleinhans and Dan Carnevale.

Before an estimated crowd of 12,000, the 46-year-old Kleinhans captained the Grays and led them to a 7-5 victory, hurling the first five innings and allowing four hits and three runs.

The most notable name on the program may be that of Umpire
Scotty Robb. Scotty Robb had a very distinguished career as an Umpire in both the NL and AL.

Baseball in Wartime - Scotty Robb