Vintage Sports
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                                       c. 1890s C.H.Y.P. Inter-Collegiate Mixture Tobacco Tin

Lithograph Square Corner Tobacco Tin with Baseball, Football, Rowing, and Tennis motif decoration.

The latest addition is a c.1890s tobacco tin depicting 4 Colleges and 4 sports. The left side has artwork of baseball, and the right
has artwork of rowing.  The C.H.Y.P. stands for Cornell, Harvard, Yale and Princeton.  There has been some debate as to which
school the C stands for (some speculating Columbia), but it is evident it stands for Cornell.

The most logical argument is that Rowing is prominently featured on the top and side of the tin.  Rowing was most the popular
and publicized spectator sport of the time, and Cornell was the most dominant rowing dynasty of the time – starting in 1875, they
dominated for the next 40 years, winning 28 national college rowing championships.
I have also seen the illustration on the side of the tin (a crew wearing Red jerseys) in early Cornell rowing publications.

It is apparent the tin is meant to depict Ivy League schools, who during this period were frequent competitors amongst each other
in various sports, but Columbia’s colors are blue, so it’s not logical the Red/Orange flag would represent Columbia.  Cornell’s
official school color is “Carnellian Red", which does closely match the color of the “C” flag – to be distinguished from the darker
“Crimson Red” of Harvard. (They may have differentiated the colors slightly making the Cornell flag more orange, so as to not
have two flags of the same color.)