1914 Cornell - Bucknell Football Real Photo Postcard (RPPC)
Real Photo Postcards - The Original "SnapChat"

100 years before smart phones and social media, college students were no less anxious to share their thoughts with friends and family, as they do today.
The best media available to them back then were Real Photo Postcards (RPPC).
RPPCs were photographs developed from a negative onto postcard stock photopaper with a pre-printed postcard backing.

This RPPC is from the
Oct. 17, 1914, football game between Cornell and Bucknell, played at Ithaca.  Created by photographer Ernest L. Conlon.
Official photographers would take pictures of the football games each Saturday, and make the postcards available for sale each Monday, following the game, at the Cornell Co-Op.

This RPPC is postmarked Oct. 20, 1914, from Ithaca, NY, mailed on a Tuesday - just three days after the game on Oct. 17th.
Not quite the "Instagram" of today, but pretty amazing considering the times.
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1914 Ad in the Cornell Daily Sun for The Co-Op
1914 Ad in the Cornell Daily Sun for Conlon Photographs.
Notice the 1914 Federal League Baseball results, and the Harley Davidson Ad.