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1906 Cornell Football Team Cabinet Photo
Team coached by Glenn S. "Pop" Warner, '94.

Image is historically significant in that it depicts one of Pop Warner's early offensive formations. In 1906 Cornell had one of the nation's most prolific
offenses, outscoring it's opponents 237 to 36.  Coach Warner is legendary for developing innovative offensive formations that to this day are considered
some of the most effective formations ever devised - he was considered a genius of the modern offense.  

Pop Warner would take these highly effective schemes on to coach his legendary Carlisle teams.  The image also shows the striping arrangement Warner
brought to Carlisle for use on its jerseys and socks.

Warner's Teams Scored the Most Points
1906 New Rules of Football
In 1906 the New Rules of Football were also established, which included legalizing the Forward Pass.
Pop Warner was quick to effectively adopt the news rules to his team.
Pop Warner
wearing his
Cornell Jersey
from 1898.