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                                                        Turn of the Century Catchers Equipment - "Tools of Ignorance"

I am very excited about this lastest addition to the collection.  The grouping includes an Inflatable Chest Protecor and Reeded Shin Guards.

1) Reach Inflatable Chest Protector - superb condition, retains its original Reach tag and inflation valve.  All straps intact with only minor staining, appearing unused. No rips, tears or holes. 

2) GoldSmith Reeded Catchers Shin Guards - the earliest variety of reeded shins with leather knee caps, with the reeds covered in buckskin/suede (as opposed to canvas).  Excellent condition with all straps and clips present.   Maker is stamped lighly on knee cap.
*The tools of ignorance is a nickname for a catcher's protective equipment: catchers mask, chest protector, and shin guards. Different sources have credited Muddy Ruel and Bill Dickey with coining the phrase. According to either version, the usage was meant to be ironic, contrasting the inteligence needed by a catcher to handle the duties of the position with the foolishness needed to play a position hazardous enough to require so much protective equipment.
Also included with this group is an early non-welded spider mask with wired pads, and flat chin strap, of high quality.