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Bill Bowen Collection
Bill Bowen has been collecting for decades.  His first collectible was a Ted Williams Hartland his dad gave him, and now he has so much stuff he had to build a mini barn to house it all.
Some comments/notes describing the pictures below: (from left to right)

Row 1, Picture 1: A conglomeration of some of Bill's best smaller pieces with the 500HR Hitters signed litho as the centerpiece.  Hardly visible are two commemorative pendants from
1894/95 Baltimore "Spiders" that won the Temple Cup. Also in there are numerous BF2 Pennants, B-18 Blankets (he has the complete set of these, both versions and some
interesting variations), and at the very bottom two complete sets of the
1888 R&S diecuts.

Row 1, Picture 2:  A Racine Belles uniform from the movie League of their own, various "tools of ignorance," multiple uniforms from 1870's through 1940's, and you can't see
them because they are flat but there are also about ten Baseball belts from the 1860-70's.

Row 1, Picture 3: A Satchel Paige collection including a ball he signed for Bill in 1957 while playing for the Miami Marlins.

Row 2, Picture 1: Bill's Ted Williams display.  Lots of unique items including the painting of his favorite TW card done as a Christmas present from his daughter-in-law.

Row 2, Picture 2: Some miscellaneous stuff (the legos are for his grandkids :>)

Row 2, Picture 3: Part of Bill's upstairs collection  (All the other stuff is in the basement): All four 1962 HR Champion bubbleheads, including Clemente; The first edition Colliers
baseball book that has the Joe Jackson minor league team picture in it, two
lemon peel baseballs, most of the Hartland football collection, (the complete Hartland/Southland bronze
series is not pictured), and one of the four
Muller 1876 clocks known to exist (the clock works!).