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                                                Exceedingly rare 1875 Cornell Regatta program.  Historically significant.
          Features the Cornell rowing team that won the 1875 and 1876 Intercollegiate Rowing championships, at Saratoga.

Rowing was most the popular and publicized spectator sport of the time, and Cornell was the most dominant rowing dynasty – starting in 1875,
Cornell dominated for the next 40 years, winning 26 national college rowing championships.  

Cornell athletes first shocked the nation by sweeping the races at the 1875 and 1876 Saratoga regattas. Cornell’s rowing teams from this era
were so surprisingly dominant that Harvard and Yale teams refused to compete against them. The crew’s success put Cornell athletics on the
map, leading to national recognition.

The “Cornell Yell” originated at the Intercollegiate Rowing Association Saratoga Regatta of 1875. An estimated 25,000 people saw Cornell defeat
twelve other schools in what was hailed as one of the best contested races ever rowed.

This program for the October, 1875 regatta at Cayuga Lake, took place following their July, 1875 Intercollegiate Championship.  

                             The six oared University Crew featured Ostrom, Lewis, Jarvis, King, Barto and Waterman.

John Ostrom
was captain, stroke, coach and trainer of the Cornell crews in 1875 and 1876 that won the intercollegiate regatta at Saratoga.
Cornell won the freshman and varsity races both years. Often referred to as the father of Cornell rowing, Ostrom radically revised the stroke
adopted and methods of training, in addition to designing the shells that were used
July 1875 magazine covering Intercollegiate Championship,
with Ostrom, Jarvis, King, Barto and Waterman on cover.
July 1875 Harper's Weekly with Ostrom, Jarvis, King,
Barto and Waterman.
1876 Harpers Weekly featuring 1876 IRA Championship
with Ostrom, Lewis, Jarvis, King, Barto and Waterman.