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                                                                 c. 1910 - Spalding Full Collar Baseball Jersey.  Dansville, NY.
Very High Quality jersey.  Rare Inlaid Collar (black on white) and Diamonds on Sleeves.  I have never before seen an inlaid collar.  Exceptional jersey - I am very excited about this addition to my collection.  I believe this jersey is from Dansville, NY.  Dansville had a semi-pro baseball team around 1900-1910s (see more details below about Dansville, NY.)
1910 Spalding Catalog showing Inlaid Collar and Diamond on Sleeve extra features.
This jersey is most likely from Dansville, NY. There are two Dansvilles in the U.S.:  Dansville, Michigan, and Dansville, NY.  Dansville MI is a very small community today that during the time of c.1910 was only recently settled and had few establishments and little development.  It is doubtful there would have been a baseball team there that would have been adorned with uniforms of this quality.  

Dansville NY, however, was a bustling town of 5,000 inhabitants in 1910.  First settled in the 1790s, Dansville, NY, grew rapidly with much industry and development throughout the 19th century.  It was in Dansville that Clara Barton founded the American Red Cross.  In 1858 a water cure enterprise was established which rivaled the health resorts of Europe and attracted such luminaries as Frederick Douglass, Susan B. Anthony, and Horace Greeley.  Located southeast of Rochester and Buffalo, Dansville was also in the heart of an area of upstate NY with a rich history of baseball.   I have found newspaper archive references to games played by Dansville against other NY and PA semi-pro teams in the early 1900s.
A 1918 article from The Wellsboro Agitator newspaper, Wellsboro PA.  Wellsboro was a semi-pro team in PA that was in the same leaue as Dansville. It reads "The rejuvenated Dansville team took games over the weekend defeating Wellsboro, 7 to 2 at Wellsboro and handing the Syracuse All-Stars and 18 to 0 trouncing at Dansville on Sunday.  Steve Yerkes, former Boston Red Sox, joined Dansville Sunday.  He will play in the next game."
This jersey has a classic look associated with well-funded professional teams of the T206 tobacco card era.  (I know the Westlake card below is ‘Danville’ and not ‘Dansville’, but it’s a really close resemblance. :) )
Images of Dansville, NY - c. 1910.