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1915 Cornell v. Penn Lackawanna Railroad "The Football Line"
Advertising Card for spectators to travel from Ithaca to Philadelphia for the annual rivalry game held each Thanksgiving Day.
Cornell would travel to Penn in 1915, winning 24 -9, completing an undefeated and National Championship season.
Full Page advertisement for "The Football Line", in the Nov. 16, 1915, Cornell Daily Sun.
Cornell - Penn Rivalry
Traditionally, the game was played on Thanksgiving Day in Philadelphia, but now alternates between Philadelphia and Ithaca as the last game of the
regular season for both teams. 123 meetings since 1893 (interrupted only in 1918). The Thanksgiving Cornell–Penn football game, broadcast on national
radio before the television era, attracted crowds of up to 60,000 to Franklin Field in Philadelphia. Played in Philadelphia for 69 consecutive meetings
from 1894 through 1963 before alternating between Philadelphia and Ithaca, Cornell–Penn is the fifth-most played college football rivalry