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1940s Football Music Box
1920s Cornell Cross Country Jersey -
Treman, King & Co.
                                                                                            1920s Cornell Cross Country Jersey - Treman, King & Co.

In 2010 I came across an early Cornell Cross Country jersey on eBay.   The seller had two jerseys for sale in separate auctions.  Presumably both jerseys were originally from the same athlete.  I
had the good fortune to win one auction, and the other was sold to someone else.   It was the first time I had come across this jersey style, and I have yet to see any other.   Recently (2016) I saw
another for sale.  Having always been captivated with this jersey, I bid and won the jersey.  As it turns out this second jersey was the exact same jersey that sold back in 2010 to someone else – so,
these two have been reunited and still remain the only ones I have ever come across.   As one appears to be slightly larger than the other, I assume the athlete ordered a second jersey during his
growing years at Cornell.

As mentioned this jersey is one of my favorites.  To hold it is to go back in time - imagining the runner in the early 1900s competing with this jersey.  The construction is rather incredible and
high quality – heavy thick wool with double reinforced layers in the elbows and shoulders.  I had originally thought this jersey was from c.1915, but based on the Treman, King & Co. label I
believe it is from the 1920s