Vintage Sports
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1887 Peck & Snyder Billheads - E.G. Koenig, Newark, NJ
E..G Koenig was a large sporting good retailer in the late 19th century.
(also includes P&S receipt from 1876)

Founded in 1866 by Andrew Peck and Irving Snyder,
Peck & Snyder Sporting Goods, was instrumental in the growth in popularity of sports in the United
States. Based in New York, Peck & Snyder is perhaps best known for introducing the first baseball cards in 1869. Shortly thereafter, in 1875, Peck &
Snyder produced one of the first sporting goods catalogs entitled
"Peck & Snyder: Price List of Out & Indoor Sports & Pastimes." The company was also
instumental in compiling and disseminating rule books for sports that soon became obsessions for the American people. Peck & Snyder continued to sell
sporting goods until 1894 when they were purchased by A.G. Spalding & Brothers.