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Antique Sports Collector
"...not simply sentimental artifacts of ages
past, but almost sacred relics that enable us
to connect physically with the game's
heroes and traditions..."
Welcome to Antique Sports Collector.  This site is dedicated to
displaying and sharing my vintage sports equipment and
memorabilia with fellow collectors, as well as those interested in
starting a collection.   

Recent Addition: 1906
Cornell Rowing Mug.

If you have any questions about this collection, collecting in general
or would like to share information and pictures of your collection,
please feel free to contact me at
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1906 Cornell Rowing Mug - Earl Christy
I have been collecting vintage sports
equipment and memorabilia from all
sports and teams for the past 30 years -
but first and foremost I am an historian of
Cornell athletics.

I collect equipment, ephemera,
buttons, pennants, games... just about
anything and everything vintage sports!     
I have an extensive collection of  vintage
baseball uniforms, and I also collect some
baseball cards (51 Bowman,...)
Sports Antiques - Uniforms,
Equipment and Memorabilia
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