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1925 Figural Basket Ball Trophy
1928 Wilson Baseball Trophy
c.1940 Hit A Homer Coin-Op Arcade Game
c.1910 Milton Bradley Game of Base Ball
Leather Football Helmet - Grange Style - Spalding ZH
1916 Spalding Loving Cup Trophy
c.1906 UPenn Baseball Jersey - Spalding
1905 Base Ball Jersey with Full Collar and Full Length Sleeves
1907 Cornell Post Card
Leather Football Helmet - Grange Style
1921 BaseBall Trophy - Rawlings
1890s Football Noseguard
Spalding Baseball Jersey with High Military Standing Collar
Early Ephemera
Turn of Century Reach Inflatable Chest Protector
Early GoldSmith Reeded Baseball Shin Guards
c.1910 Spalding Full Collar Base Ball Jersey
1910s Football Pennant
D&M Baseball League Trophy
c. 1903 Base Ball Jersey
James W. Brine Baseball
c. 1910 Wright & Ditson Uniform
Reach Figural Baseball Trophy
Draper & Maynard Baseball Loving Cup Trophy
1890s Baseball Catchers Mask
1870s  John Wilkinson Co. Uniforms
Spalding Mushroom Bat
Reach Melon Style Foot Ball
1910 Spalding. Cadet Collar with Detachable Sleeves
1898 Cornell Real Photo Cabinet
Draper & Maynard Dogear Football Helmet
Other Recent Additions
1910s Piedmont Tobacco Chair
1920s Leather Football Helmet
GoldSmith Baseball Loving Cup
Draper & Maynard Baseball Loving Cup Trophy
1916 Cornell/Penn Baseball Snapshots
Early Reach Ankle Supporters in Box
1897 IRA Regatta
D&M Baseball Umpire's Counter
1915 Cornell Cross Country Jersey
c.1920s Spalding Figural
c.1890 CHYP Tobacco Tin
Early Laced Basketball
Early 1900s Spalding Crescent Pad Cachers Mitt
c.1913 Managers Fan
1930s Reach Head Harness
1950s “PREMIERE Gum and Card Vendor” Vending Machine
c.1899 Cornell Baseball Cap
c.1903 Cornell Athletes Photo
1909 Side Line Bench Pass
c.1880s Athletic Shoes
c.1940 Football Helmet
c.1960 Famous United Sausage Sign - Connie Mack Stadium
Early Basemitts
c.1910 Cornell Football Pennant
c.1905 Reach Mitt
c. 1913 Spalding Uniform
Early Double-Paddle Oar
c.1905 Crescent Glove
c. 1910 Spalding Uniform
c. 1900 Indian Clubs Spalding
Dieges Clust Baseball Charm
Recent Additions
Recent Additions
c. 1928 Princeton Baseball Uniform
1905 Cornell Rowing Mug
1905 Spalding Uniform with Quilted Pants
1875 Cornell Rowing Regatta Program
1898 Cornell Harvard Yales Rowing Regatta Ticket
1907 Cornell Postcard - Rowing
1905 Bristow Adams Cornell Rowing Poster
Assortment of Early Cornell Memorabilia
Assortment of Early Memorabilia
1900 Baseball Jersey
1920s Letterman Sweater
c.1915 Spalding Referees' Horn Whistle
Cayuga Lake Varsity Intercollegiate Regatta - Observation Train Ticket.
Cornell, I Yell, Yell, Yell, Cornell!
1910 Cornell Mug
1940 Bucknell Megaphone
1910 Cornell Mug
Early Cornell Memorabilia
1939 Cornell Football Ink Blotter
1920s Spalding Smooth Face Shin Guards
1920s Spalding Smooth Face Shin Guards
1920 Spalding Baseball Fob
Anri Cornell College Mascot
Anri College Mascots
Anri Yale College Mascot
1907 Cornell Leather Postcard